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Voyage is a collaboration between the San Francisco-based wind octet Nomad Session and solo clarinetist Jeff Anderle. The music moves from rhapsodic and soulful to virtuosic and driving, combining the precision and technique of classical music with the power and spectacle of classic rock.

We are thankful for the generous support from San Francisco Conservatory of Music,

Henri SELMER Paris Clarinets, and InterMusic SF

Featuring Nomad Concerto by Jonathan Russell + Black Dog by Scott McAllister arranged by Stephanie Rickard

Jeff Anderle, Solo clarinet + bass clarinet

Victoria Hauk, flute + piccolo

Jesse Rex Marson Barrett, oboe + English horn

Jon Szin, clarinet + bass clarinet

Kristopher King, bassoon

Stephanie Rickard, French horn

Ari Micich, trumpet

Esther Armendariz, trombone

Jonathan Seiberlich, tuba

Recorded + Edited San Francisco Conservatory of Music by Cory Todd

Mixed + Mastered by Zach Miley

Artwork by Samantha Godoy

Nomad Concerto produced by Jonathan Russell

Black Dog produced by Mario Godoy

Jeffrey Anderle performs on Henri SELMER Paris Clarinets

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